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Mark Crittenden

Mark Crittenden

Managing Director - CPEng TÜV FS Eng ID-No. 2376/10 (SIS)

Mark Crittenden is the founder and Managing Director of Industrial Control Technology Pty Ltd (ICT). ICT is a specialist automation engineering enterprise focussed on the use of technology to monitor and control the operation of industrial plant and processes. Since his graduation in 1978 Mark has been at the forefront of control system technology. He is known for his strategic thinking, his disciplined engineering practice and his ability to work effectively with people to deliver project outcomes.

The most enjoyable part for me of working for ICT is the opportunity to be part of a team which is recognised as being able to provide real value to our clients. This can be through teasing out elements of complex technology systems and presenting them to make them understandable, by helping to plan automation at a strategic level, or by proposing and delivering innovative solutions which are well accepted by operations and add real value to the business.

Graduating from RMIT with a BE Communications, Mark soon began the pursuit of his lifelong passion for emerging technologies. His first major task was the development of the prototype air handling control system for the Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL) which was then under design. He went on to lead the project team responsible for the development and application of 300 of these microprocessor based controllers across all aspects of the facility. This work, described in his 1982 paper Air Pressure Control Failure Analysis together with Graeme Pickering’s Analysis of Containment has proven to be a fundamental guide for controls for such laboratories across the world.

In 1984, through the establishment of ICT his interest in leading edge technologies continued. Through the succeeding decades Mark, in addition to management, has maintained an active engineering role and has thus been instrumental in many landmark projects, many engineering firsts, and many examples of unique application of new products and new technology solutions.

In the late 1980s and early 90s he was lead consultant and integrator for innovative DCS systems in petro-chem and pharmaceutical applications. Innovations in these projects included the early adoption of independent PLC based safety trip systems, industrial fibre optic communications, and pharmaceutical project implementation to achieve compliance with TGA and FDA standards.

In the late 1990s Mark led the integration of the first large S88 compliant Batch production system in Australia, then one of the largest in the world.

In the early 2000s Mark and his team at ICT were first in the world to apply a Siemens safety PLC in the automotive industry. This project was later showcased by Siemens at the Hannover Fair in Germany. ICT has since continued to lead the field of machine safety systems in automotive and a growing range of industries. Through presentations at a variety of conferences and workshops, and through training of peers, Mark and other ICT staff have helped to spread this knowledge to other industry professionals.

More recently Mark has led an ICT team as Principal Consultants and integrators for the CSIRO AAHL Control and Monitoring Systems Upgrade project. This was a large and complex project, in a unique environment and with critical and exacting operational requirements.

Under his leadership ICT has been the recipient of two Engineers Australia Excellence Awards including one for the recent AAHL Control and Monitoring Systems Upgrade.
Mark’s on-going commitment to professional development and project involvement at a detailed technical level has enabled him to build specialist expertise in fields including: safety related control systems (AS 4024, AS 61508, AS 61511, AS 62061 etc), control systems for physical containment laboratories (PC2, PC3 and PC4), safety related burner control systems, automotive manufacturing, bio-pharmaceutical applications (S88, 21CFR Part 11), and food processing. In 2010 Mark was awarded the internationally recognised status of Certified TUV Functional Safety Engineer.

Mark has long been interested in the quality of education of engineers, having been involved with the Deakin University Engineering Advisory Board for some 15 years. Over recent years, Mark has continued his involvement with engineering education through ongoing involvement in University Accreditation Evaluation Panels and now sits on the Engineers Australia National Accreditation Board.

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