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Meredith Crittenden

Meredith Crittenden

Executive General Manager CCEO

Meredith Crittenden has a Bachelor of Nursing and extensive experience in hospital care. She advanced rapidly through nursing ranks to accept responsibility of directing, planning and controlling a three-theatre operating room suite by her mid 20s.

Attending the Company Directors Course provided Meredith the bridge between management in the medical environment and that of running a private business. Membership of groups such as the CEO Institute Geelong assists Meredith to stay abreast of contemporary business management issues and ensure that ICT’s work practices remain current and relevant. Meredith is responsible for ICT’s general and operational management and has an active involvement with ICT’s clients.

Sure, running a company is hard work at times, but the rewards are priceless. I love being in a stimulating, learning environment. I love working with young people and watching them flourish and I love knowing that we are in a small way contributing to a sustainable future.

She instils in ICT the drive for perfection in doing the whole job (even the last few percent), the importance of meticulous attention to detail and the philosophy that the client’s welfare is of singular importance. To that end, she is committed to knowing and understanding ICT’s clients.

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