Who We Work With

We work with small, medium and large process and discrete manufacturing companies throughout Australia.

We draw on our unique body of knowledge and experience to apply industry leading technology systems to help deliver our clients’ corporate goals.

Our clients come from many different industries, each with their specialist needs.  From the world of laboratories, bio security and bio containment, to large dairy and food process facilities, and niche, even artisan operations where automation technology may be being introduced for the very first time. An eclectic mix of clients!

A common theme exists however as we find our clients tend to be people who hold high aspirations for themselves and their business. They understand where they want to be and invite us to bring our expertise to the table to help them get there.

Current, real world expertise in a specialist field by definition must be kept up to date. At ICT this is achieved by virtue of all staff, even the Managing Director, maintaining an implementation practice alongside their consultancy role. Consultancy services are thus grounded with “real world” implementation experience and practical day to day exposure to the latest technology.

For us, the question is not what services we can provide but rather – is there a logical fit between our expertise and your need.

Needs may be at strategic or a project/production level such as:

  • Assistance in a fast changing technical world to understand what automation technology is available, how it could be used and whether it is a practical and affordable solution for your enterprise.
  • Wanting to have more certainty over your processes.
  • Wanting more relevant process data on which to base your decisions.
  • Wanting help to improve the safety and productivity of production staff.
  • Wanting help to assess the likely ROI from your planned technology spend.

If any of the above strikes a chord with you then we will be a good fit.

Our work is to help realise our clients’ competitive advantage through technology and therefore we generally don’t publish detailed case studies or publicise companies we work with.

We acknowledge however that client references are important. We encourage you to call us and we will be happy to supply you with approved client references appropriate to your specific areas of interest.

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