ICT are a team of expert engineers who help manufacturers become lean, agile and information driven through innovative design and deployment of technology systems.

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We understand

We understand that in order for Australian industries to survive and thrive they must cope with increasing market and corporate pressure to meet multiple strategic objectives such as:

  • Reduce costs and minimise waste
  • To identify and deploy the right technology
  • Increased operational agility and flexibility
  • Optimisation of existing plant and process
  • Facilitate strategic decision making through the collection of objective data
  • To have a trained and skilled workforce

We help you

We help you achieve these objectives by providing the tools, knowledge and practical experience that are required to successfully:

  • Move towards an Advanced Manufacturing platform
  • Gain advantage through well considered innovative applications of technology
  • Understand how the Lean philosophy applies to the engineering process
  • Identify and reduce hidden Technical Debt
  • Collect and analyse data to empower decision makers
  • Make site data useful, understandable and relatable for all users
  • Increase in-house capability to work with technology

We do this using our expertise in:

  • Strategic thinking as we work with emerging technology and best practice applications
  • Simplifying the IT / Plant Floor interface for effective information exchange
  • Assessment, analysis and implementation works to meet machine and process safety standards
  • Undertaking complex and high technical risk projects whether they be large or small
  • Supporting general PLC and SCADA applications with the benefit of a wealth of process, instrumentation and mechanical know how

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